I've been inspired lately to do more "product photography". A perfect opportunity presented itself when we had a bunch of Izzes in the fridge and the sunset was pretty amazing... my sister and I went down the road to a cool place and I got some photos! :) 

I loved this one in b&w!

f/1.8 is pretty amazing! :) 

The colors seemed a little bright... but Izze is bright and colorful so I didn't really change the saturation any. :P

Yay for bokeh! 

Oooh... amazing sunlight. :D 

Michael downloaded some sweet thing to my Lightroom so I can "distort" my photo and make it look like it was taken with a wide angle lens. :P Pretty cool. :D

Okay... I know some of you said that the upside down Izze bottle was a "mental roadblock." Honestly... it doesn't create one for me .... but I was thinking out of the box and wanted to try something different. And I actually like it. So there. haha

A more standard shot.

This is my favorite. It really is. Robin and David you can be quiet about that. lol

Hope you liked them!! Let me know what you really, truly think... really and truly. :D You guys are awesome!

Sarah :D