Daniel & Kara Lee | November 2010

Well, here I am, finally, with a bunch of wedding photos. :D I've been dying to share these but life happens and I kinda got busy. :P We'll get right down to business here... starting at the very beginning. A very good place to start. ;)

Before I say anything else... huge thank you goes to Kara Lee and Daniel. Best couple ever and so much fun to photograph!! Yay!

This is my favorite shoe shot. :)

The beautiful rings. A friend of mine very kindly let me use his macro lens and it was completely awesome. :)

I never thought I could have so much fun shooting rings... there are so many possibilities!

Here's the beautiful dress. As you can see we were a little short on areas to shoot it ;) but I thought this one came out cool.

Now on the morning of the actual wedding, everyone was running a little behind (but hey... who doesn't?:) And so we were all in a hurry to get pictures done. Kara Lee was as relaxed as ever (I actually think she was the most laid back person there... seriously) and I got to shoot her getting ready to see her man in the sanctuary.


This was the priceless look on Daniel's face when he saw his bride for the first time. :) They chose to see each other before the ceremony, which I love, because then we can get all the pictures done before the wedding. ;)

Aww. :) It was so sweet.

While we were waiting for some of the party to get ready for pictures, we went upstairs to take advantage of the window light. :) 

This was Kara Lee's idea I think... I love how it turned out!

We headed outside and across the street to take photos. It was a little hard with the sun coming right down on us (it was around 11:00am and quite sunny), but I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

:) One of my faves!

How cute. :D 

I can't get over how awesome the gold bow tie is. 

It was so much fun to finally be able to take wedding pictures... my ideas finally came to use. :D

I love this one!

Yay! Excitingness!

You have no clue how awesome it was to use a 28mm. It's the perfect balance between super wide and telephoto.

We did pictures with the wedding rings even though it was before the ceremony. The only pictures we couldn't get were kissing pictures. :P

yay :)

While we were waiting for the bridesmaids :), I snapped a few groomsmen shots. Here's Kara Lee with the groomsmen.

Haha, they were so fun to work with. Most of them are brothers of Daniel, and to say they are crazy would be an understatement, as you'll see in the next photo.

I totally think they should frame this one. ;P


As soon as the rest of the wedding party got there I got the group shots out of the way!

Kara Lee had wanted photos with the mountains in the background... but as we were quite close to the foothills, this is the best we could do... still gives a little bit of a mountainous background though.

The awesome wedding party!

Here's Kara Lee and her nephew, Cody. He was definitely the cutest ring bearer I've ever seen. :)

Daniel's niece, Dakota (the flower girl), and Cody. :D They got mixed up a few times just because some people call them both C/Kody.... ;)

The bride and groom with the wonderful bridesmaids. :)

It was so much fun to get to know the ones I didn't know already. :D Great group of gals!

One more shot of the bride before heading back to the church!

Once we were in the church we did a few more formals before the ceremony. I think this one is cute. :)

The ceremony was delightful. Michael got this shot of the prayer with the dads.

Right after the first kiss. :) (Michael got this shot too... thanks Michael :)

The happy bride and groom coming into the reception!

Cutting the fabulous cake...

"Faith, Hope, Love. The greatest of these is Love..." Vewy pwetty. :)

The bouquet toss!! (congratulations, Becca...)

Off they go in a bubble shower! :)

About to leave!

Note the skid marks under the front right tire. :)

It was an awesome day filled with awesome memories... my first wedding to photograph was a blast and soooo much fun! Praise the Lord! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Thanks soo much to everyone who offered me advice, encouragement and prayers. You da best. :) Let me know, honestly, what you think of the pictures. 



  1. Great job Sarah... thanks for posting them!! :)

  2. yay! awesome pics! :) you did a great job! :) How'd you like it ?

  3. Thanks, Sarah :)

    Jer, it was a total blast... Soo much fun! I don't know why younaren't pumped about wedding photography, lol. And I left still thinking that people are indeed photogenic. :P

  4. These are great Sarah! You did such an amazing job!! I love the rings and the shoe photos. And I tried to pick the twins out...are they the ones holding up the groom in that one picture? ;)

    SO glad you had a good time and things went well for you! Weddings are pretty amazing in my opinion. :D

  5. Oh wow, Sarah. These are fabulous! When's the next wedding? ;)

  6. ive been lookin forward to this post! :) I love weddings!! :D You did AMAZING! ;) These are wonderful shots! Im sure they are overly pleased! You captured such a special day for them, in an amazing way! :)

  7. haha! thats awesome! :) Probably just me :) Looks like a great wedding to shoot :)

  8. Great Job Sarah! :) That had to be a lot of work.. but it turned out awesome!!!! :)

  9. Great job!! You did awesome!
    I love the pictures i can't pick a favorite :)

  10. Aw, thanks you guys! I'm glad you all approve. ;)

    Les, yes those are the twins. :P

  11. Great work for your first wedding! I love some of those portraits you got of them together :).

  12. What a fabulous job, Sarah! Well done. :)

  13. Fantastic Sarah! They turned out amazing!

  14. Sarah!! These are {fabulous}!! You did such a good job!! :)

  15. Awesome job Sarah - love seeing wedding pictures done by you!!!


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