4th of july weekend : personal

Here is a rather large post containing pictures of my 4th of July weekend. :) 

Our family went downtown to a CSO concert on the 3rd. Here's Anna and I. :) 

Me and my Reese boy :) 

Reagan being very patriotic!

Yeah this picture was posed... :) 

I had fun making my nails... rather festive. haha.

Reese being cool as always!

LOVE this picture.

This is Hazel feeling rather depressed before she found...

...somebody else's coffee! A true Chartier. haha.

A big wind came up with rain but thankfully it didn't last for very long. :) 

She's pretty cute, huh :)

This might mark the first time that Hazel has actually smiled in a picture with me without being forced. lol.

The boys met a homeschool family in Scotland a few years ago and they are in town right now. They came to the concert and we got to meet them and hang out with them... it was so much fun. :) Here's Faith with Anna and I. 

The concert was great and the fireworks were really cool! I especially loved the ones coming out of the window. :) 

On the 4th, we went to the mountains with our new Scottish friends. :) 

We stopped on the road to play on the snow and eat lunch. As you can see, the snow was very deep and in some places too soft. :P 

It almost seems like these pictures have a photoshopped background... but no, that's just how cool our mountains really look. :) 

Here's the whole group of kids. :) As you can probably see by our squinting eyes, the sun reflecting off of the snow made it very bright. :) 

Mr. R and Dad :) Love how the snow worked as a natural reflector for the photos. :) 

Isn't the view unreal?!

Yeah it was bright :)

We all got together and threw snowballs at this stranger couple! Just kidding... it just looks like it. haha. 



I saw this car driving by and got this picture juuust in the nick of time before it drove past. :P I think it's kinda cool. ;) 

David sittin on the edge of a cliff.

Abi looking cute as always :) 

Abi, Joel and Joanna posing for a picture!

Oh look.. it's David on another cliff!

Abi enjoying the view. They did really great for coming from sea level... 

David found a flat rock! 

Thought this picture was kinda cool :) 

Michael and Abi pose for a picture.


David and Will raced up this steep slope of snow. It looks like David lost from this photo but he really won. :D

A kind of cloudy picture of some of the group :)

Mom and Mrs. R talking. :) They are probably glad they didn't see what kind of perilous situations we got into. ;) 

Windows are handy for drying socks out of... for your information. ;) 

We went to Qdoba for dinner which was amazing after a long day in the mountains!

Here's all of us but Rebecca who took the picture. :) 

I'll close with my favorite picture... my new desktop background. :) (and yes, I was wearing flip flops in the snow. My feet got cold :()

After Qdoba we went and played frisbee and watched fireworks. I can definitely say this was the best 4th of July that I've ever had. :) 

How was your 4th?


  1. What a fun weekend for you guys! *Love* all the people pictures! :)

  2. JEALOUS! :P no really I am

  3. I love your mountians! I thought the mountains here in SC were beautiful, but those are amazing! I'm a little jealous! :)

  4. yay good job on your nails :)

  5. what a fun way -- looks a lot cooler (weather wise, of course :)) than our 4th!

  6. That looks like it was a lot of fun. The Rankins are really neat people!


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