living history days, spring 2013

If I could count the answers to prayer that this Spring's event held, I might run out of space. But I will share with you just a few. :) 

- Every event, it is pretty vital for the ground to be dry enough for thousands of people to walk on, and damp enough for us to have fires. So this year, we got a nice big snowstorm early in the week and then it got upper 70s. The ground was perfectly damp enough for fires yet not damp enough so everyone got muddy. Huge. 

- Beautiful, beautiful beautiful weather! It stayed in the 70s and clear both days! We somehow got in the middle of a really nice stretch between two snowstorms. :) One explanation to that...Jesus! 

- Safety. When there are 2800 people meandering around, and when there are guns, fires, big canvas tents and all manner of 18th century tools around, it is no small thing that there were no serious injuries or mishaps. 

- Focus among the volunteers. The work of the Lord in each of our personal lives has only grown and multiplied, and it is incredible to see it. The vision for the glory of God is growing in the ministry of Vision Heirs, and it is impacting everyone around. 

- Successful drama. I didn't have a whole lot to do with the drama this time, but I know that there are always a lot of things that can go wrong, and especially in a very old theatre 3 stories up in a castle, there can be some funny quirks. But I know that it ran smoothly... the sound, the lights and the actors and actresses were under the sovereign Hand of God and it was evident.

Our God is good. As you go through these pictures, take some time today to simply thank Him for the blessings He has given! 
 photo IMG_1824_zpsaf4fd0c1.jpg
 photo IMG_1793_zpsf3a72330.jpg
 photo IMG_2052_zps04493e69.jpg photo IMG_1923_zps247f3465.jpg  photo IMG_1925_zps44c3bbee.jpg
 photo IMG_1949_zpsa0eefedb.jpg
 photo IMG_1995_zpsd94afe20.jpg
 photo IMG_0806_zpsdc6aae9b.jpg photo IMG_0829_zps0a56d4f7.jpg photo IMG_0882_zps8ebeb6e6.jpg
 photo IMG_1763_zps86d828f3.jpg  photo IMG_1673_zps620c74c4.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zps96ec61e4.jpg
 photo IMG_1565_zps1760f787.jpg  photo IMG_1617_zpsf68bf8c5.jpg  photo IMG_1637_zps0c2723aa.jpg photo IMG_2179_zps3ccba61a.jpg  photo IMG_2193_zpse1cb09c8.jpg  photo IMG_2206_zps99e5b7a0.jpg  photo IMG_2209_zps64034674.jpg  photo IMG_2178_zpsec3177ae.jpg  photo IMG_2158_zpsa7ff2f1b.jpg  photo IMG_2093_zps0622104c.jpg  photo IMG_2102_zps4f925987.jpg  photo IMG_2105_zps00ec09f1.jpg  photo IMG_2126_zps22b5cc5f.jpg  photo IMG_1503_zps3d9dbdc9.jpg
 photo IMG_1477_zps82a0ee9b.jpg  photo IMG_1118_zpsa6cc7ed3.jpg  photo IMG_1062_zps739da632.jpg  photo IMG_1142_zpsd09b1f31.jpg  photo IMG_1182_zps144996d9.jpg  photo IMG_1003_zps7b937d5f.jpg  photo IMG_0975_zps16708740.jpg
 photo IMG_0955_zps849a61c5.jpg  photo IMG_1229_zpsd7a51476.jpg  photo IMG_1277_zps871a5f13.jpg  photo IMG_1432_zps6dcd035f.jpg
 photo IMG_1439_zpse38baa38.jpg  photo IMG_1467_zps3bfef772.jpg  photo IMG_1402_zps06ee462f.jpg  photo IMG_1367_zpsfa511c88.jpg  photo IMG_1298_zps2876024a.jpg  photo IMG_1329_zps6868a691.jpg  photo IMG_1343_zps3b1b0f7c.jpg  photo IMG_1356_zps823d83c6.jpg  photo IMG_0738_zps6cd49e61.jpg


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    We'll talk soon. Great pictures! So glad to connect with you. Your one of the sweetest girls.

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