My family and I had the privilege of going to Scotland for almost two weeks... we had a lovely time touring around and spending time with a very precious family over there. Here is a wee peek into what we did!

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First night - lovely sunset and walk around the Rankins' property.

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On our drive up north to a fishing village.

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In Gardenstown - beautiful village, boat rides, fishing.

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Day in Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood, view from the train ride home.

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Dunnottar Castle

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Ben Nevis - climbed by the majority of our group (not me, though!)

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Ft. William, Isle of Iona, and Oban.

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Burn O'Vat near Ballater.

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Stirling Castle and Stonehaven.

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Highland Games in Aberdeen.

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Last day all together - walks in the field and a lovely time on Balmedie Beach.

If you want to see a few more pictures and more of the personal side of what we did, we have a blog specifically for that: :)



  1. Absolutely lovely!! How fun! I loved all the pictures, Sarah. :)

  2. Missed you at the CHEC Conference. Love the pictures, wish I could have come with you in your suitcase.
    Can't wait to hear the storys!

  3. So glad you posted these beautiful pictures!! I especially loved the ones of Edinburgh Castle. ...trying not to be jealous, I really think an Ellerslie reunion needs to happen in Scotland someday ;)
    I miss you sister, and love you. I need email to you and hear what the Lord is doing in your life since we last saw each other!


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