james albert | born november 3, 2013

name: James Albert Langemann
born to: Rachel & Joe Langemann
date: November 3rd, 2013
time: 4:25am
weight: 7 lb 7.25 oz
length: 21.5 inches
cuteness rate: 10 out of 10 

Taken around 12 hours after his birth. . . 
Perfectly shaped little fingers and lips. . .  

A wee smile. . . just over 12 hours after birth. :) That's my boy! 

Such joy. . . 

And six days later:
Grandma gives wee Jamsie a hair-wash :)  


His facial expressions are priceless. :) 

Oh. . . just look at that face! :)  

Uncle Michael and Daddy like this style on little James! 

Mommy does too. :) 

Story time with Uncle Michael. :)  

Time for bed. . . snuggles with Mommy & Daddy. 

What a precious little guy this nephew is . . .and what a joyous and sweet blessing it is from our Father to have this little guy to enjoy. So thankful to Him for him.


  1. So glad to see these pictures! So precious. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, he is so cute!! Babies are such a blessing!

  3. Aww, congratulations!! Some of my favorite people are aunts and uncles :) I love these pictures... He definitely has a Morgan look in him!


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