a visit from the rankins

With great joy we welcomed our friends, the Rankins, back from Scotland this past week! It had been a year since we had seen them last (in Scotland!). We seem to have a tradition of seeing each other every June/July (posts of their first trip to Colorado HERE, their second trip to Colorado HERE, and our trip to Scotland HERE) so we'll have to see what next year holds. . .but for now, here are some photos of their stay and our adventures together this time! 

You could say that we started this off Morgan-style. . . volleyball all afternoon and then barbeque at the house.

 Little Jamesie is 8 months already. . .isn't he cute?! He brings such joy to all of us. :D

Family photos together outside of church on Sunday. . .

Jamesie-Bubs took a liking to Joanna. . .I think that babies smiling behind their pacifiers is one of the cutest things!

Right before he drifted off. . . :)

Favorite people :)

We spent the evening at Stanley Lake watching the sunset and enjoying each others' company!

Had to bring in some Scottish tradition. . .the caber toss!

Jo-Jo holding the moon

We weren't in trouble. . .it was just time to go back to the car after sunset! 

The next morning we all headed off to Fairplay where there's a cute little historic town called South Park City. 
The drive up 285 was absolutely gorgeous! With view like this, music to sing to, and your favorite people in the car, what's not to like? :) 

Ice cream at the Silver Scoop after our historical adventures. 

Mark and Abi.

Anna, Rebecca and I spent a few days with the Rankins in a cabin up in Buena Vista. It was an absolutely restful and beautiful time, and I'm so thankful for it! Following are a bunch of photos from that. :) 

Quite the view to enjoy while you work, right?

The view of Buena Vista from the cabin. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Amy joined us for one of the days we were there, too. :) 

Picking up ice cream in town (notice a theme? haha)

Teaching Joel the ways of the camera

Nothing better than that view to inspire new guitar compositions. . .

Just outside the door. . .

And one last photo before Rebecca and I pulled out. 

What a lovely time with you all - looking forward to next time whether it be here or in Scotland. :) You all are special to us and we love you dearly!