jamsie in the fall

This little guy is almost exactly a year old - and he would like to wish you all a Very Happy Fall by debuting his fall-themed-one-year-photos! 

A few James-quirks. . .
The thing that gives him the biggest laugh is when people cough (that's how Rachel got him to smile in all of these pictures). He's getting really good at fake coughing for his own amusement.
He loves, loves loves water (obviously a Morgan/Langemann child). 
He gets scared when people clap or laugh loudly. 
He loves concrete. If you put him on grass, he will quickly move to any concrete that's near.
He's cute.
He's really cute.
And he's my nephew. Win!

Also, to give you a sampling of his many nicknames:
are some of the most popular.

James Albert, I love being your Auntie Sarah. You're a treasure and I pray that you grow into a man who finds Jesus as your everything!
I think he was trying to propose to me. . . "It's only a leaf, but I still love you!"

Just chillin' on the sidewalk, mom!

Just eatin' leaves, mom!

Just waitin' for the bus, mom! ;)

Bye-bye! See you next time, he says. :) 


  1. He IS very cute! Thanks for sharing a little tiny bit of him with us ;)

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    1. I'm replying to my own post here! Beautiful photos of Bubsie and Rachel in the magic of autumn! Thank you so much.


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