kramer & morgan : engaged!

They laugh a lot.
They kind of look like each other.
They're starting to act like each other.
They're just great. And I love them for so many reasons!

And, you're gonna get some honest sauce in this blog post. I mean every word here. :)

I am so blessed by Morgan and Kramer. 
I love how they have allowed God to guide their relationship. 
I love that they don't walk by what others have done or how others think they should be, 
but simply by what God has led them to be. 
I love that they both radiate the joy of a real life relationship with Jesus. 
You'll be able to tell that by looking at the photos. :) 

Thanks, you two, for inspiring me to be authentic and real in my relationship with God. 
Thank you for displaying what it looks like to love God entirely and selflessly and love each other with that same love. 
Thank you for turning outward and literally pouring that love out on everyone else around, too.

I can't wait to see the Kingdom of God radically advanced by what He does in your marriage. 
Keep seeking Him, loving Him, and following Him. 
No turning back!
Love you guys.  


  1. These are STUNNING, Sarah!! Such a beautiful couple and beautiful pictures! Miss you girly!!

  2. Aww, Morgan's engaged! Tell her congrats for me :) Good job on the pictures Sarah!

  3. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!!! Thank you Sarah!


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