brie : a kindred

I love it when God puts people in your life who you can walk through things with.
Fun things.
Crazy things.
Deep things.
Hard things.

I'll never forget when Brie and I first started to get to know each other, we'd talk about what God was teaching us. Our conversations would go something like this. 

"God is really teaching me about His Father's heart."
"No way, me too!"


"God has been challenging me in the area of being undivided in devotion to Him."
"No way, me too!"


"I've been thinking a lot about _______"
"No way, me too!"

We had the joy of being roommates at Ellerslie over the summer, and two things that I can definitely say that Brie is really good at are these :
1) laughing
2) making people laugh

Brie, you're one of my closest friends and I will always treasure the memories we have (and will have!) together. 
Thanks for making me laugh (or maybe more like thanks for laughing at the "funny" things I say). 
Thanks for always being ready to speak truth to me. 
Thanks for always pointing me back to Jesus.

As our lives change and begin to take their own directions, this is my prayer. . .

will you love Jesus more
when we go our different ways
when this moment is a memory
will you remember His face
will you look back and realize
you sensed His love more than you did before
I pray for nothing less
than for you to love Jesus more


  1. You captured Brie perfectly! I almost didn't believe it could be done...;) Sarah, I love these!!!


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