mariateresita : joyful servant

Maria and I work together in the bookstore/office at Ellerslie and I think I can safely say that working alongside her has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. We were also in the same Advanced class together here, and I'm so privileged to have spent the last year+ with her!

There's a reason why I titled this "joyful servant". Maria is one of the most giving people I have ever met. On her birthday, she went out and bought roses for her friends. When I'm out of the office, she's usually cleaning it. She pours herself out day after day, not just with the bookstore but with childcare, campus laundry, and other "mundane" tasks that need to be done but don't usually get recognized. 

So I want to take this opportunity and commend Maria not only for what she does, but for how she does it. A smile on her face, a bounce in her step, and a mind fixed on Christ and what He's done. No, she's not perfect - and neither are any of us - but I think she exemplifies to a lot of us what a life of pouring out should look like. 

Maria,  I'm going to miss you like crazy. I'll miss our talks, our sunflower adventures, working together, and your hugs and words of encouragement. I'll miss your laugh. . . a lot.

Keep pursuing Him - He alone is worthy of your life. He is a faithful guide and I look forward to seeing how He leads you according to the advancement of His kingdom. 

This shoot is on the more unique side - I played around a bit with editing and a few different things, but I love how these pretty much personify who Maria is. I'd love to hear feedback on these. 

Love you Maria. :) 


  1. *love*.

    Both of you girls. Yes, very very Maria Teresita. My favorites are the ones in the snow. :) Well done, Sarah.

  2. That's so crazy how wonderfully you were able to capture her personality in these pictures! Because that is SO Maria Teresita!! I could hear her laugh and her "talking comments" in most of your pictures. :) I love them and you totally caused me miss her all the more right now! Love and miss you both!! Rak Chazak! ~ Morgan♥

  3. The ones in the black jacket are my favorites, but the whole shoot is very nice! Well done Sarah! :)

  4. Those are the best pictures I have every seen! They capture her laugh so well XD

  5. Lots and lots of wonderful photos of Maria Terisita! Thank you so much Sarah!


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