walter & rachel : engaged!

Walter and Rachel. 

I was honored to take their engagement photos . . . we had gorgeous snow, gorgeous sunlight, and you add to that one of the world's cutest couples (i.e. Walter and Rachel) and it's a great time. 

I know it's easy in blog posts to say things about people that you don't really mean, but I honestly am being sincere when I talk other people up. I love how God has created everyone uniquely. Walter and Rachel are completely different than Morgan and Kramer. Yet both of them have given themselves and their relationship and marriage to God - submitted to Him and filled with His Spirit - and it's something amazing. 

Some of my favorite things about Walter and Rachel . . . 

Walter's face when he's leading worship and Rachel walks into the chapel. 
Seeing both of them worship together.
Listening to their conversation (just hanging out with them during this shoot was one of the most life-giving experiences I've had).

Walter and Rachel, you are inspiring in the way you exemplify lives of worship to God - not just in "worship", but in life. I am so excited to see where God leads you and how He continues that in you and how He, through you, inspires other into sincere worship of Him.


  1. the last one is my favorite! they are all smiles and the ring Totally gives away what the photo is all about. The one before and the fourth-to-last are also very good!

  2. Thank you for capturing these beautiful photos of my wonderful brother and sister in the Lord!


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