rachel : vintage hipster

last week I had the privilege of doing a creative shoot with a good friend of mine, Rachel. 
you'll remember her brother, Robbie, and a mutual good friend, Will from this shoot
this was another collaboration of sorts with Robbie, Will and Aubrey (Rachel's sister)
we went exploring in downtown Windsor, and this is what we came up with
I've definitely never done anything vintage + hipster before so this was great

Rachel, can't even tell you what a blast I had hanging out with you last week
thanks for making me laugh so hard
for giving me such great hair & style advice
for enjoying creamy chocolate frosties with me
for being excited with me about Denver:)
for forgiving me even though I've never seen Peter Pan
for being your generous & witty self
you're a brave woman and I'm glad you're game to try new things
I think we made some pretty stellar memories and I look forward to many yet to come

never be content to stay within the limits of a single reef (john williams) 
meaning there's a lot more of God to be had in this life and we need to fight until we get it all.

I threw in a few behind-the-scenes photos in here for kicks, 
I enjoy seeing them with other peoples' work so I figured you might appreciate them too

pc: Robbie

pc: Robbie

pc: Robbie

would love any critique and feedback you all might have!

now for the dreamers
and those who have dared to believe
the flames call us deeper into the great mystery
for as we draw near to the Father 
we are lost in this one desire
to be wholly consumed by His fire

so let us throw back our heads and run with the passion
through the fields of forgiveness and grace
we carry the eternal flame
with an undying hope and a blazing conviction
of a truth that will never fade
[children of the burning heart - s.c.c]