a day at evergreen

Ever since my siblings and I were wee ones and hardly out of the walker, my parents would take us up to the mountains to a lake in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter to skate. Year after year, we'd drive 2 hours, spend another few hours shoveling snow off the ice, and then spend until dark playing hockey, and drive the 2 hours home. It started off with just us, and then my brother-in-law's family started coming with us (he wasn't my brother-in-law at the time . . . I'm sure hockey gets part of the credit for his marriage to my sister haha), and soon we had all-out hockey games that included a bunch of our friends, goalie equipment, a lot of competitive spirit and a few injuries. 

A few years ago, we discovered a lake that was a lot closer, had already-groomed rinks, a lodge, and real goals. It's not quite as deep into the mountains, and doesn't quite have the same feel as being in the middle of the big mountains without really anyone else nearby, but needless to say we are all grateful for this wonderful discovery!

So, I wanted to capture the essence of a day at Evergreen Lake - it's a scrapbook of sorts, to remember times like this - and I loved how a bunch of these turned out and although they are nothing spectacular, thought I might just share them for your enjoyment. :) 

Let's soak in every moment we have and use it to love & glorify God, regardless of what we're doing.