artemisa : lady of travel

Artemisa is a charming young woman whom one of my best friends, Jess, and I met back in May of last year.  Through the Winston Churchill book that she was reading outside of Starbucks in downtown Fort Collins, we struck up a conversation and talked for at least an hour there on the spot about happiness, school, life, and God. We hit it off and got to see her a few other times throughout the summer. In late summer, I had the privilege of doing a travel-themed shoot with Artemisa. We originally were planning on vintage nautical, but seeing as there aren't really any places to be nautical in Colorado, travel seemed to be a better fit, ha! :) 

I'm glad I'm finally getting around to posting these . . . brings back nice, warm, sunny memories from summer. 

Artemisa, it is always a pleasure to spend time with you and I'm glad you were up for the grand adventure of traversing downtown Fort Collins and the university campus for these photos! You're a unique and special young lady and I know that God has hand-selected you for some awesome things He will do in your life. 

Let's keep looking to Him, because HE who made us is perfectly able to 
fill us 
satisfy us
and bring us ultimate LIFE.

in HIS presence is fullness of joy
psalm 16:11

with joy,


  1. this is just so pretty, I love themed photo shoots, and to have a BEAUTIFUL model makes them fantastic!!!

  2. speechless. I love your photography, Sarah Morgan. ;)


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