james : fifteen months

James Albert. He brings more than a ton of joy into the lives of his parents, his aunties and uncles, his grandparents, and soon his little sibling. I can't believe he is 15 months already . . . and at the same time, as cliche as this sounds, I honestly can't imagine life without him.

current favorite things
- music . . . he loves playing the piano, and spinning in circles when someone else is playing
- wiping everything down with a sponge
- playing chase with Grandpa
- outside . . . no matter the weather, that's where he wants to be!
- playing with mommy's keys . . . and mommy's car

Cute kid creds: Rachel & Joe Langemann
Keeping-the-hat-on-his-head creds: Grandma 
Theme & style creds: Rachel De Vries


  1. You really captured his personality. One of my favs is on the car with the bulky sweater all around his shoulders. Love the expression. And hey, are they expecting # 2??? I detected a 'bump". = )) Keep up the grand work. Sandy


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