winter holiday

Our family was blessed to be able to spend a weekend all together up in the mountains a few months ago . . . I have been wavering back and forth about sharing this with you all, and I have decided to share it. 

With all of us growing up and going different places, it's a rare treat when we're all together, and so an entire few days was absolutely a gift. It is incredibly restful to get away from everything and everyone and soak in the quietness of a non-scheduled life for a few days. 

So here are a few favorite photos for your enjoyment. :) 


  1. Neat location, Awesome family, Beautiful pictures. Thanks for Sharing!

    Miss you all!

  2. I'm so glad you decided to share these! Love you all!!

  3. Beautiful family, and I love your style! Seeing the mountains makes me want to go explore and take pictures of ours.


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