Rebecca + Will || Engaged

It's really exciting, a little heart-wrenching, and absolutely surreal that I'm sitting here typing a blog post about my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law. Rebecca is ENGAGED. To Will. We've all been waiting for this for...oh, around 8 years? ;) And it's happening! 

Since most of you know me and know my sister, I'm gonna share a little bit of their story for you in timeline fashion.

2000: Colorado was blessed by the arrival of some of Canada's best, the Langemann family. 

2003: Langemanns and Morgans meet! (apparently very monumental, as we will see in years to come)

2004: played hockey together for the first time. Rebecca throws a snowball at Will (Will remembers that part).

2004-2009: our families really got to know each other through many hockey games, a trip to Canada, lots of baseball, frisbee, volleyball, hockey, family water fights (in which one gets to know another's true character), etc...
Also during this time, Will and Rebecca "for sure" started liking each other. Rebecca started praying about Will, and Will, well, he was smitten ever since Rebecca threw that snowball at him)

2009-2014: Rebecca and Will got closer as friends, our oldest sister married Will's older brother, and our families continued to hang out and do a lot together (Will taught Rebecca how to play goalie! And they somehow always ended up on the ski lift together)...
Rebecca sewed not one, not two, but three revolutionary war costumes for Will during this time as well. Maybe Will was secretly testing out her housewife abilities (and of course she far exceeded his expectations)

Summer 2014: Rebecca goes to Ellerslie, and, in her words, "I tried to forget him, but when I came home I just liked him more than ever." During this time, God was teaching them a lot of the same things individually - in different situations - mostly about letting go and really learning to trust in and rely on God. 

Spring 2015: Rebecca was brought to a place of truly surrendering Will, giving up the idea of ever being in a relationship, when things just didn't look like they were going to happen. Ironically, this was when Will started thinking and praying really seriously about being in a relationship with Rebecca. 
In Will's words, he had to give up trying to be ready in his own strength and choose to trust God instead - so, moving forward with the relationship was letting God take control, and walking in obedience to where He was calling. 

June 2, 2015: First date! I thought it was a joke at first. Thankfully it wasn't. ;) And they talked for 8 hours. As if 12 years wasn't enough already... haha. 

And on September 12, they were engaged!  

So there's their story in a nutshell! It's been amazing to see it all unfold, and it's astounding that this is just the beginning of a lifelong of a Jesus-filled adventure for them. 

Rebecca and Will, you've inspired me by your example of full surrender and desire to live in what God is calling you to, whatever the cost. I'm stoked for you guys and love you so much! 

They looked to Him and were radiant, 
and their faces were not ashamed. 
Psalm 34:3


  1. I just love this story, and these two, so much!!

  2. Yay! thanks for sharing the pictures and the story! It's such a blessing to see God's faithfulness and timing!


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