Eli + Christy || Black & White Highlights || Windsor, CO Wedding

I'm so excited to share this with you all - a compilation of my favorite photos of Christy & Eli's wedding, in black & white. I love color and think the world can't function without it - but I believe that the tale of this wedding is best told in black & white. Christy & Eli moved to Holland not long after they were married, and both of them being very close to their families made this to be a very sweet, sentimental, and a bit of a heart-rending occasion. Their incredible love for Jesus also made it so worship-filled, and I hope I was able to bottle all of these emotions together for you in this post.

So, enjoy the story of Eli and Christy Gámez, as told in black & white photos. . .


  1. So so beautiful and passionate. Much love to Christy y Eli!


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