Travis + Kyra | Camp Forest, WI

I have been so excited to share this wedding with you all ever since I set foot on the venue - this would go on my list of Most Beautiful Weddings that I have ever been to. Cloudy day, beautiful bride, worshipful ceremony, SO MUCH GREEN everywhere (this Coloradan loves that;), people who sincerely loved each other, and everything was just so picturesque!

If I need to give you further proof that this was a stunning wedding, let me just say that narrowing down the amount of photos to post was h a r d. And I still ended up with a lot. Buckle up! ;)

Important note: the amazing Nolan Elsbecker second shot for me and did a wonderful job! We had so much fun and he produces quality work...some of his photos are scattered throughout this post. Nolan, you rock!






[Business note: I now have an Instagram for my photography business ( if you want to stay updated that way!]


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