Cambry | Barefoot Lakes CO

Cambry and I were buddies back when we both attended Ellerslie - and we were both excited to get a chance to catch up and take some photos together! She's an aspiring photographer so it was a swap which is always fun. The snow storm ruined our plans of going up into the mountains for some epic photos, but we found a random little spot somewhere between Denver and Windsor that we called good! Here are some shots we got between running back to the car to warm up. It was 14 degrees. ;)

I'll say I'm not really one for winter photoshoots and the lack of color that comes with them, but Cambry made this easy with her Rapunzel-blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Plus, we went into this field that I thought was a beautiful little farm field (Cambry didn't think so...she's a country girl. I'm from Denver. Believe her) but either way it was kinda legit. 

Enough words, enjoy...