I've been itching to get back over the ocean, and so I decided to look back over my photos of my family's trip to Scotland + London in 2013. I know that was a Very Long Time Ago, but I couldn't help but share my favorites from the trip! Sometimes it's just relaxing and refreshing to scroll through pictures of beautiful places. I realize this is a lot of pictures but I know you'll enjoy them...I know I'll never get tired of them!

Also, if you're interested in getting any of these full res size for printing {for a small fee}, let me know :) 

DAY 1: Aberdeen

DAY 2: Gamrie + Crovie

DAY 3: Edinburgh 

DAY 5: Dunnottar + Crathes Castles

DAY 6: Ben Nevis + Fort William

DAY 7: Isles of Iona + Mull, Oban

DAYS 8-9: Craigenderroch

DAY 10: Stirling Castle + Stonehaven

DAY 11: Aberdeen

DAY 12: Balmedie Beach

DAYS 13-14: London + Horley


  1. These are like Psalm 23 for my soul... such peace-giving beauty!


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