Hey! I'm Sarah ...a follower of Jesus, a creative mind, an extrovert. I live just outside of Denver and I love when the sunlight filters through the leaves of the big cottonwoods in my backyard...especially when I'm out there hanging out with my family and there's chicken grilling and the laughter of my nieces and nephew is floating through the air. 

Those moments are the most special thing in the world to me, and they're the kind of memories I want captured to remember forever. I'm passionate about helping you remember your special moments, whether it's the day you say "I DO", or you've just said "YES!" to your best friend, or you want those unforgettable family photos to frame in your home and put in a photobook for Grandma and Grandpa. 

Take a look around at my work and shoot me an email or give me a call (or text! It is 2018 after all) if you're interested in booking a shoot or chatting about my photography experience.

Sarah xx

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